Astrology for Christians by Katy Valentine

Astrology for Christians

Discover how to Tap into the Power of Astrology for your own Life!

What's included?

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Astrology and Christianity? Yes!
Astrology and Christianity? Yes!
Your Chart
Your Chart!
Solar Signs
Solar Signs
Christian Mission and Vocation
Christian Vocation

Empowering Jesus Followers One Chakra at a Time

The Metaphysical Christian Academy helps Christians integrate and develop metaphysics into their Christian faith journey. This is the real secret -- Christianity IS metaphysical. Once you know this, the world opens up in radical ways. Our graduates discover and develop their metaphysical gifts, enhance their natural healing abilities, and become closer to Christ on their Christian walk.

Maybe the Academy is right for you! We have several offerings right now, growing each month.

The founder of The Metaphysical Christian Academy is Rev. Dr. Katy E. Valentine.  Katy is an ordained minister in The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and holds a PhD in New Testament. She loves connecting people to their God-given gifts so that we can all do our part in building the kingdom of God together.