Congregational Small Group Study: 10 Simple (and Powerful) Ways to Transform Your Community by Katy Valentine

Congregational Small Group Study: 10 Simple (and Powerful) Ways to Transform Your Community

Become empowered to transform YOUR neighborhood and create a just and loving world.

Welcome from Rev. Sandhya R. Jha

Can transforming your communities be easier than you think? Yes, one person at a time. We're especially calling all gardeners, Sunday School teachers, bus drivers, and ordinary people who are ready to make extraordinary impact. In this course with Sandhya, you will discover five tried and true strategies for transforming your communities so that you are empowered to make them healtheir, safer, and poised to thrive. 

This is a SPECIAL pricing available during our shelter in place time in 2020. Grab it while it lasts. 

Meet Sandhya R. Jha

Sandhya is a respected and inspiring speaker, preacher and workshop leader. Her particular areas of wisdom for speaking are violence prevention, diversity / cultural competency / radical justice, models of healthy communication for organizations, congregational transformation, community outreach, and addressing systemic justice issues (including housing and economic justice).

What's Included


Get the basics of true change with your ABCDs, or "Action Based Community Development" so that you can get the gears turning on creating simple, effective, and exciting change in your neighborhood

Cross Cultural Connections

Discover how to create meaningful and long lasting cross cultural connections so that you access the power of your entire community

Restorative Justice in Your Neighborhood

Concerned that "justice" is short sighted and punitive? This module will show you how to institute restorative justice in your congregation and neighborhood for long lasting change

Faith Rooted Organizing

Organizing? As a faith community? It's not as complicated as you might think. Discover the power of organizing in line with your church values to effect change

The Journey

What's next? Discover how to plan your next, authentic steps in this module and begin to plan for the present and future

10 Simple (and Powerful) Ways to Transform Your Community

We are excited to welcome you to this small group study so that you can find out how to make long lasting impact in your neighborhoods and communities.

Hint: You ARE the superhero that you need! People like you create change every single day.

In fact, the Christian story is about doing small stuff that equals big impact. This course will help equip you.

BONUS ANNOUNCEMENT: Sandhya will offer a LIVE Q&A session in June for all participants!

Congratulations, because you ARE the Changemakers we’re looking for! 

This is specifically designed for small groups within churches to engage together. Whether you're shelter in place and watching via Zoom or back to gathering in person, this curriculum will work for you. 

How will this work? Don't worry, we'll guide you every step of the way to find what works best for YOUR congregation. The curriculum is already in place, and you can distribute easily once you purchase the course. 

Rev. Dr. Katy E. Valentine will be your tech guide and support to help leaders facilitate this class. Don't worry, she will have your back the entire way.

We'll be delighted to see you in the program!