Connection to Awakening by Katy Valentine
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Connection to Awakening

Get ready for your CONNECTION to the metaphysical world to enliven your Christian journey, leading to your AWAKENING. Connect your Christian faith journey and the metaphysical world with ease and joy.

  • The power of tuning into your intuition as a Christian practice so that you know your next steps
  • Enter into a high vibration space so that you can manage life no matter what the curve balls are
  • Discover the power of the chakras so that you can heal yourself and others
  • Awaken your spirit with angels, God's creations, so that you can feel the indescribable love of these created beings

All the while, Jesus will be front and center. This course will help you enliven your faith journey and enter into a deeper relationship with God, all the while connecting deeply with Scripture and the Christian faith journey.

I'm so excited for your journey!
Enrollment is closed

What's included?

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Pre-Course Meditation: Pink Bubble Meditation
7 mins
What to Expect
8 mins
Journal Synchronicity Page.pdf
65.1 KB
Journal Synchronicity Page.docx
101 KB
Section 1: Metaphysical Language and Intuition
Christianity IS Metaphysical
16 mins
The Language of Metaphysics
17 mins
Prayer and Vibration
14 mins
Developing Your Intuition
12 mins
#1 Tool for Developing Your Intuition
11 mins
Opportunity for Grounding
4 mins
Law of Attraction and Participating in Your Reality
Law of Attraction
15 mins
Lectio Divina
15 mins
Law of Attraction and Christian Intersections
11 mins
BONUS: Angel Cards
22 mins
Intentions and High Vibration
14 mins
Crystal Ball Meditation
11 mins
Emotional Freedom Technique
15 mins
Chakra Grounding Meditation
14 mins
Chakras 101
11 mins
Chakras and Laying on of Hands
7 mins
Chakras and Bible and Christian History
16 mins
Chakra by Chakra
15 mins
Chakras and Self Healing
15 mins
Angels 101
18 mins
Bible Cheat Sheet.docx
956 KB
Angels in the Bible and Christian History
21 mins
Guardian Angel Meditation
17 mins
Meet Gabriel
20 mins