Create Online Community For Your Church by Katy Valentine

Create Online Community For Your Church

Welcome to Creating Online Community for Churches

Welcome to this FREE course for small to mid-sized churches. It will help you create vibrant online community, especially during this time of "shelter in place" -- but the SKILLS you learn will be put put into practice long after we establish our new normal.

I hope you'll join me! I'm Rev. Dr. Katy E. Valentine, and there is Good News during this pandemic. Let's get ready to share it.

Social Distancing Does Not Have to Mean No Community

How does church be church when we can't gather together in worship? Church is a community, and we tend to think of church as worship where we all gather together.

During this time of epidemic, we are being called to do things in a radically new way. Including church!
Let's flip the switch and discover that online presence can provide community, spiritual touchstones, and opportunities that we might not otherwise have. 
Let's do this, fellow co-workers! This training is 100% Free and you'll join in on all the strategies to create authentic online community that will serve you long after social distancing is over.

Meet Rev. Dr. Katy E. Valentine

Rev. Dr. Katy E. Valentine is an ordained minister, New Testament scholar, and spiritual coach. She loves assisting communities of faith to connect in vibrant and authentic ways.

What is Included


Discover advanced Zoom techniques so that your worship is smooth and meaningful via Zoom.


Discover the power of your MINDSET around creating online community so that your church members feel at ease and included in your new ways of connecting.


You CAN worship online, and each week you'll add a new component that will enliven your worship and help people in their spiritual journey so that they do not feel alone.

Connecting the Dots

Online community is about much more than ONLY worship. It is also about connecting the dots BETWEEN worship services so that your community has a seamless thread that runs through it.