Meditation for Busy Christians by Katy Valentine

Meditation for Busy Christians

Meditation Made Easy for Christians!

Meditation Creates Space for Christians to Hear the Holy Spirit

I love meditation as a valuable way to connect directly with your interior self so that you can open up space and have God interact directly in your life giving you peace and spaciousness for deepending your relationship with God. 

Most importantly....meditation is for Christians! Do any of these feel like you?
  • I worry that meditation is not OK as a Christian
  • My mind is too busy to meditate (so I give up before I give it a good try)
  • I get frustrated because *I don't know how to meditate* and no one has ever shown me how

If so, then the GREAT news is that ALL of these questions and more will be answered for you as you enter into the life-giving and soul-renewing practice of meditation.

Don't worry; you can still pray alongside your meditation....meditation will not replace your prayers, but add to them.

Meditation? Me? Becoming a Meditating Christian (even if you're really, really busy)

This is a three week experience that will show you how to meditate, even if you've never tried before (or if you've tried but your mind wanders....). 

Let's start the New Year off right with a dedicated group of Christians meditating together. You literally cannot fail at this!

Join us for DAILY short meditations videos to guide you on your way teaching you EXACTLY what to do.

Does this describe you? 
  • You are pretty sure that meditation would be beneficial, but you don't know where to start? 
  • You're a Christian who has wondered if meditation is OK? 
  • You've tried to meditate, but gave up after a few days?
  • You'd like to meditate but are sure that you do not have the time? 

Let all of those reasons fall away ... You are ready for a meditation experience

Allow me to tell you a little secret: Everyone struggles with meditation. It's a skill to learn. And it can be done in 5 minutes a day.

Why meditate?

Meditation creates a space where the Holy Spirit can speak to us completely unencumbered. We yield to the message of the Spirit without our egos, doubts, or fears blocking them. Meditation is the AVENUE for God to work quickly in our lives.

The benefits in your life are enormous. When I first began to meditate, my perspective began to shift quickly. I became more aware and awake. My patience began to expand. My attention span lengthened. To my surprise, I became healthier as well, and more attentive to what I ate and drank. Most of all, my spirit was lighter and I began to tune in to my intuition. My prayer life deepened as a result.

Consider this three week journey of meditation to:
  • Discover the basics of meditation so that you can lengthen your attention span (and be more joyful!)
  • Embody meditation so that you can tune in to the signals and clues that your body is giving you about your spiritual life
  • Become at peace with meditation so that you can combine it with your prayer life and expand your spiritual journey 
  • Enjoy the support of a community so that you can share your experience and be accountable, increasing your likelihood of success 
  • Show yourself that you can do it so that you set yourself up with a lifelong skill as part of your metaphysical toolkit

Each week will have a theme, and there will be DAILY videos and audio and written meditations.

We will ALSO have an optional Facebook group to support you on your way.

I have made it super easy for you to begin your meditation practice and open yourself up to the divine guidance that is available to you by making Meditation for Busy Christians available for one payment of $77 or two payments of $40.  Yes, it is that easy! 

During the three weeks, you will have access to a daily meditation guide here on this site plus an exclusive Facebook group where you can share your journey and experience plus learn from others. Rev. Dr. Katy has been meditating for 10 years, and she is thrilled to share her experiences with you. During this three weeks, you'll have access to her in the secret Facebook group for tips and guidance. This is an investment in your life and spirit.

Check out what these Participants have to say!

Check out what Heidi and Betty said about this program helping them emotionally, spiritually, and physically (in just a few minutes a day)


It was very relaxing to scan my body so gently. On my
own, as I breathed in, I followed the breath from crown to toe, and with the exhale circulated the air/energy, back around to the crown for the inhale...I look forward to repeating this and see what my body's
response is next time.
It helped me get grounded when I was very frazzled.
Your voice was very soothing.
I love the harp music and the singing bowl! I felt
peaceful and thoughts of random things came up and
left and I thought I love you God and felt super warm
and loved! It was a brief thought but the feeling I have
inside is still there and beautiful. Thank you Rev Dr


How long will I have access to the materials?

At least through Jan. 31!

What if I CAN'T meditate?

You can.  I promise, you can!  Even if it's just for 5 seconds, it counts.  And that time will grow.  

What will we do?

We will engage in DAILY videos and written meditations, never more than 10 minutes total!  Along the way, I will give you tips for when meditation seems challenging and give you guidance on the difference between meditation and prayer.

Do I need to attend "live"?

No. We will have 3 "live" opportunities, but otherwise you can access the material at your own leisure each day during the three week experience.

Plus there are DAILY meditation videos and written pieces for you. It's super simple.

Is this super serious?

Meditation is serious business :) AND we approach it with a good dose of humor.  Why?  Laughter is really, really good for you. So is meditation. Put them together, and voila! You'll be a meditating master in no time.